Harmony Explosion

a cappella summer music camp in florida

Registration – Step 2

If you haven’t registered yet, please click this button to register for the Harmony Explosion Camp.Go to the Register page

NOTE: Any Student or Adult not following these instructions will not be allowed to participate. These rules are State of Florida law.  EVERYONE (including clinicians, teaching quartets, music educators, chaperones, and students) must fill out either the Release Waiver – Minor Form or the  Release Waiver – Adult Form plus the Medical Form.  There are no exceptions.  The Release Waiver Form should be filled out in BLUE or BLACK INK, have no alterations or revisions, and be properly signed.

The information on the Medical Form should be TYPED except the Signature that should be signed in Blue or Black Ink.

Mail the completed Release Form and Medical Form to Steve Cragg at the address in the information box below.

Please mail all forms to:

Steve Cragg, Co-Camp Director

411 Bon Aire Ave 

Tampa, FL 33617

If you are a student, before your registration can be approved, please complete the following:

Pay the $100.00 registration fee by clicking this button. Pay your registration fee here!You may also mail a check for $100.00 made payable to Sunshine District HX Camp with the Release Waiver – Minor Form and Medical Form to the address listed above. 

Financial Assistance is available upon request.  Please contact Steve Cragg at campdirector@sunshinehx.org for details.

Download and print the Release Waiver – Minor Form and the Medical Form, ask your parent or guardian to fill out & sign the forms and then mail the forms to Arne Helbig.

 If only one parent or guardian is signing the form, in addition to the Release Waiver – Minor Form, please ask them to fill out the Single Parent Addendum form (page 3) and mail it with the Release Waiver – Minor Form.

HX2017 – Release Waiver – Minor – 2017


If you are an adult participant, before your registration can be approved, please complete the following:

Download and print the forms, fill out & sign the forms and then mail the Release Waiver – Adult Form and the Medical Form to Arne Helbig.  Write in “HX Camp 2017” in the (write in activity) line on the Release Form.

Chaperones: To assist with increasing costs we are asking you donate $50.00 to the camp using the green button above to help cover some of the expenses.  Thanks!!

As always Music Educators attend free of charge.

Release Waiver – Adult – 2017 General


Once Approved (meaning once we have received your Release Form, Medical Form and Registration Fee) you will be emailed the user name and password to the page containing the sheet music and part predominant learning tracks of all songs to be learned prior to attending camp.